EDITION 1 - 'Collectors Edition' - Leigh Creek

Geoff Nott's Legendary Layout

Leigh Creek is a HO freelance railroad. It’s set in the 1950’s and depicts logging and mining in the Pacific North West of the United States. Geoff has taken 20 years to construct the layouts and over the years has developed his own techniques using natural materials, including real rocks.


The video starts with a look around the layout, which consists of two towns, a mine and a logging camp.

Geoff has constructed several bridges that cross spectacular waterfalls. We then run some trains A climax and a shay do most of the work, moving log haulers, waters tanks and tin from the mine, however there is one diesel loco that also shares the workload.
We then meet Geoff and he talks about what motivates him, who his early influences were and he talks about his approach to modelling. The interview has shots of the layout as Geoff talks about the various sections.
Then Geoff spends 15 minutes showing us his techniques and before your very eyes, he creates an amazing section of scenery. This segment of the video alone makes it a valuable addition to your collection.

The video finishes with one last look around the layout as the credits roll.

The video runs for 55 minutes and is shot on digital video, the picture quality and camera work are excellent.

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