EDITION 3 - Dorrigo, Dawlish & Downs

Bruce Block's Great Layouts
Shot by an award-winning cinematographer on digital video.

On this video we're going on a tour of Bruce Block's 3 Great Layouts. The sixty minute journey will take us around the world.



We start on the mid North Coast of New South Wales in Australia, where we leave the main North South line at Glenreogh and wind our way up the mountain on the Dorrigo Branch line.

We then visit England and take a ride from Dawlish to Trigmouth on the Great Western Railway taking in the sights of this beautiful holiday coastal area that borders the English Channel.
Then it's a short stop at Downs in Southern California where we witness the long Sante Fe freight trains coming into town and check out the action on the 'wrong side' of the track.


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